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op. For doing anything large or small, learn these two things: How big is the piece of furniture you’re about to install? The better you know it, the easier it will be. How wide is the doorway you’re about to install? The better you know it, the less time you’ll need to cut the lumber to fit. Now, as for a growing (and, therefore, a growing home): Get to know your lumber stock before you need it! On the left is a rack of logs. On the right is a stack of sawhorses. This is a good way to use lumber before you need it, and a good way to calculate the size of your future lumber needs. Knowing how wide a door or chair will be when it’s finished is especially useful, because you can cut lumber exactly to size. (These calculations are made easier if you use the “inches” metric, rather than the “feet” system that we’re used to in the United States.) When you have a clear view of your existing stock, it’s easy to calculate the quantity of lumber you’ll need. You’ll need your estimate to include all the additional lumber you’ll be using to build the furniture. So, for a desk, you’ll need more lumber than just the desk top: You’ll need more lumber for the sides and back of the desk; you’ll need more lumber to make the legs of the desk. You’ll need more lumber for the legs of the desk than you’ll need for the top. It’s easy to make an estimate. For lumber, it’s simple: Just count how many 1-ft. and 1-ft.-wide boards you’ll need to build one 10-ft. board. A 10-ft. board is one board per foot, times 10, equals one 10-ft. board. You can use the same method to calculate inches of lumber as well. It’s also good to have some kind of tape measure handy. You’ll need that to accurately measure the room that you want to build your furniture in. You’ll need that to measure the doorways, too. (Make sure you’re using a “professionally-calibrated” tape measure. We don’




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